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Meet Christian.

Christian and his team have helped over 450 people buy and sell in Orange County since 2020. He is the Owner and Team Leader of Onyx Homes.

What does this mean to you?

We talk to a ton of people who are thinking of making a move, and we do a lot of deals. This gives us a pulse on what is really going on in the market. Christian will be your host in the State of the Market event.

Christian Stubbs

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Stay Informed on what is Really Happening.

What you're seeing and hearing from the media isn't right.


How do I attend?

This is a live event that is hosted as a webinar. Once you register, we will email you a link to get into the room when the event starts. You will receive a recording if you can't make it at the exact time.

Is there any cost or obligation?

There is absolutely no cost or obligation for you to attend. All you have to do is share your contact info so we can send you the link.

What if I have questions?

That is exactly why we're hosting this State of the Market event. We want to share what we're seeing from our 'boots on the ground'. If you have questions, you can ask them and Christian will answer them live. No questions are off limits.

What if I want to work with Christian?

Christian is the Team Leader of Onyx Homes, we have agents all over SoCal. We would love to pair you with the best agent for you.


Most Recent Market Update:

The market is changing so fast that we felt we had to put out a live event to keep you updated. Watch the most recent update so you can get caught up.

The State of the Market event will have a ton more information.

Sign up today and we'll see you there!